Office File Storage Mobile Pedestal 3 Tier File Cabinet locks

Item No.: P122
Price: $8.99-$15.99
Qty: 500pcs-100,000pcs

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  • Features:

    • Digits operation,Metal Housing base
    • Zinc alloy made
    • Integrated installation
    • Low battery indication,2*AAA batteries power supply
    • Low consumption,Over 10,000 times opening times
    • Vertical and horizontal, right type for your choice
    • Fix code Mode
    • Code length:1-8 digits
    • Metal cabinet door thickness:0.5-3.0mm, Wooden cabinet door thickness:16-22mm
    • Suitable for wooden cabinet,metal cabinet,steel cabinet,iron cabinet,plastic cabinet,glass cabinet, aluminum cabinet door.
    • 2 year product warranty

    Furniture Application Type:

    • Mobile Pedestal,3 Tier File Cabinet,3 drawer cabinet
    • Desk cabinet
    • File storage,Filing cabinet,File cabinet,Lateral Filing Cabinet,Vertical filing cabinet
    • Office cabinet
    • Staff Locker,Staff cabinet
    • Electronic cabinet, Mobile filing cabinet
    • Modular furniture,Tool cabinet

    OEM & ODM are welcome!

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  • Access Type

    Pin code



    Locking Device

    Cam,Pin,Rod connect


    Personal use

    Handle Type



    Embedded installation

    Battery Type

    2*AAA alkaline battery

    Battery Life

    Over 10,000 opening times

    Code Length



    132 (L) x 24 (W) x 16 (D) mm


    2 Year


    Product Details:

    • Unlocking method. Provide password verification to unlock, enter the correct password and press OK, turn the knob to unlock.
    • In terms of material, it is composed of zinc alloy lock body and silicone key panel, high-end fashion.
    • Power supply mode. Use internal and external power supply mode. The internal power supply is powered by two AAA batteries. The battery life is more than one year, and there will be a low voltage alarm when there is a power shortage. In case of internal power shortage, the external emergency power supply can be used to temporarily unlock.
    • Password use. Passwords are divided into management passwords and user passwords. The length of the user’s password is 1-8 digits, and the customer can modify it by himself. The password can be combined arbitrarily up to 10 million groups. The password is automatically saved after power off, no garbled code, no drop code.
    • Protection against abnormal use. Enter the wrong code four times in a row, and the lock will experience a treble alarm for 1 minute. During the period, enter the correct password to remove the alarm.
    • High voltage self-protection. If the voltage is overloaded, the lock cannot be unlocked, which can prevent “Tesla” and other strong electricity from unlocking.
    • Use environment. Steel cabinet with single door, steel cabinet with double door, single drawer, movable cabinet, etc.

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