Touch Digital Keyless School Spa Gym Locker Locks And Key

Item No.: P152
Price: $5.99-$11.99
Qty: 500pcs-100,000pcs

Product Detail

P152-Lockers lock (1) P152-Lockers lock (2) P152-Lockers lock (3) P152-Lockers lock (4) P152-Lockers lock (5) P152-Lockers lock (6) P152-Lockers lock (7) P152-Lockers lock (8) P152-Lockers lock (9) P152-Lockers lock (10) P152-Lockers lock (11) P152-Lockers lock (12) P152-Lockers lock (13) P152-Lockers lock (14)


  • Keypad operation,ABS+Zinc alloy made
  • Black/silver color
  • Integrated installation
  • Low battery indication, Powered by 1pcs 3V CR2032 button cell battery
  • Low consumption,Over 10,000times opening times
  • Vertical and horizontal, right type for your choice
  • Assigned use functionality/Shared use functionality,Lockers shared by multiple users. For example:User enters code for locking and unlocking, then next user enters different code to lock and unlock
  • Password with rotating Knob
  • Visual & audible usage indicators
  • Master code and master key for emergency unlock
  • Micro USB port for emergency power
  • Private version code length:1-8 digits, Public version code length:6 digits
  • Metal cabinet door thickness:0.5-3.0mm, Wooden cabinet door thickness:16-22mm
  • Suitable for wooden cabinet,metal cabinet,steel cabinet,iron cabinet,plastic cabinet,glass cabinet, aluminum cabinet door.
  • 2 year product warranty


Furniture Application Type:

  • Display cabinet
  • Swing door cabinet
  • Charging cabinet
  • Mailbox
  • Staff cabinet
  • Sauna cabinet
  • SPA cabinet
  • Swimming pool storage cabinets
  • Gym locker cabinet
  • Towel cabinet
  • File storage cabinet
  • Hinged door cabinet
  • Flap door cabinet
  • Tambour door cabinet

OEM & ODM are welcome.

Access Type

Touchscreen Keypad



Locking Device



Shared Use,Assigned Use

Handle Type


Drill Hole

Standard Double “D” hole


Integrated installation

Battery Type

CR2032 Button cell battery

Battery Life

over 10,000 opening times

Code Length

6 digits(shared use) 1-8 digits(assigned use)


93 (L) x 38 (W) x 14 (D) 


2 Year Manufacturer


After-sales service:

1. What is the quality of your lock?

There are strict quality control during the production process, and multiple strict quality tests will be carried out before delivering.


2. What are the most common after-sales problems?

Guub locks, the most common problems are forgotten passwords, no power (or low battery).


3.Will it be weak and easily broken?

The cover is made of ABS plastic, which has better toughness and hardness than ordinary plastics. In addition, our core accessories are all made of zinc alloy.


4.How do you deal with quality problem?

First of all, you can first contact our sales staff, take photos or send some small videos to us to confirm the cause of the problem, which can basically be dealt with online.

There are two main reasons:

If the battery power is low, the password lock will not be opened. Replace it with a new battery.

If forget the password, pls provide the serial the vendor to apply for the master code.

In short, if there is a problem, you can contact us in time, we will provide you with services at any time.


5. How long is the warranty period?

Guub lock is an electronic product, and the warranty period is two year. If there is a quality problem within two year, pls send it back to us for free repair. If it cannot be repaired, guub will replace new products for free.

If it exceeds the warranty period, send it back to us. Guub will charge the cost of the component for repair.

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